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Project concept

Project objectives are implemented through:

  • Defining 3 views of project's prospective: short-term (6 months), mid-term (16 months), long-term (36 months);
  • Formulation of very concrete stages of project's development within every view (short-, mid-, and long-term);
  • Consolidation of project's main resources on objectives and activities, approved by Project team;
  • Selection of users groups as Project's major target audience and provision for them tools for easy and seamless switching form analogues to the Platform.

Each 1L team member should understand importance of consensus within team, team unity on the way to set goals, as well as importance and uniqueness of own (as well as anybody's else) opinion while discussing project-connected issues.

We consider to be one of the key success factors understanding of the following mistakes, made by similar projects, aimed at creation of free business-activity support projects:

  • Focusing on end-users of such systems. In most cases it's all the same for them, in what system they work, the main is to solve business tasks and problems;
  • Existence of own, unknown for majority of developers, and, what is most important, unusual language for programming of such systems. As a result, no one is willing to switch to such language;
  • Absence of public promotion of such projects activities and preferences of their systems. Absence of interest and, most important, trust, to such systems.
Short-term project prospective

Platform release with minimal necessary functionality and minimal necessary stability.

... to be continued ...

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